Black Kids on Book Covers from The Brown Bookshelf

This is a wonderful time in children’s book publishing, where the faces of black girls and boys on covers is not an anomaly. When I was a kid, I almost never saw myself on the cover of a book, and certainly not ones as spectacular as those upcoming in the next few months. There was […]

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Book Review: Even if the Sky Falls by Mia Garcia – Latinxs in Kid Lit

Review by Troi Genders DESCRIPTION FROM THE PUBLISHER: One midsummer night. Two strangers. Three rules: No real names. No baggage. No phones. A whirlwind twenty-four-hour romance about discovering what it means to feel alive in the face of one of life’s greatest dangers: love. Who would you be if you had one night to be […]

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Celebrate the Freedom to Read All Year Long!

Banned Books Week, held September 25-October 1, 2016 has officially ended.  However, the freedom to read continues.  The freedom to read is about choices to read a variety of books on a variety of subjects.  Books that can expand your mind, broaden your perspective, increase understanding, and bring awareness to a multiplicity and complexity of issues.

This year’s Banned Books Week focused on young adult literature, and books with diverse content.  These books are often challenged and/or banned in school classrooms and libraries.

For information and resources on the freedom to read, click on the links below:

May 2016 Releases — Crazy QuiltEdi

OMG…issues OMG…I Did it Again?! by Talia Aikens-Nuñez; Central Avenue. ages 9-12 April Appleton wakes up to quite the sight: a herd of elephants marching down her street! She realizes that her powers of witchcraft have done it again. With her friends, Grace and Eve, April must figure out how the elephants got to her town in […]

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March 13 Woman of the Day: Harriet A. Jacobs

Harriet A. Jacobs, born in 1813, was one of the first African American women to publish an autobiography.  Her autobiography, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, told how she struggled to avoid the sexual advances of her master.  More information about this courageous woman can be found here:

More resources on Harriet A. Jacobs:

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