Born on this date: Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.

Born on this date in 1865 was Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., religious leader at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, after becoming the pastor in 1908. More information about him:

Black Past Remembered:

African American Registry:


August 14 Birthdays

African Americans born on August 14:

Ernest Everett Just, African American scientist:

Niara Sudarkarsa, African American scholar and anthropologist:


August 13 Birthdays

James B. Parsons, African American attorney and judge:

Kathleen Battle, African American opera singer:

Claudia McNeil, African American actress:


Born on this day. . .

Carl T. Rowan, African American journalist:

Alexander Murray Palmer Haley, African American author:

Born on this day: Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson, famous explorer, was born on this day. Read about his incredible story here:



Born on August 5

William Richmond, a pioneer boxer:

Bill Richmond, YouTube video: