The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 13: Ibi Zoboi

I first met Ibi Zoboi at a writing conference in New York City. We were passing each other through a crowd, and she said that an editor had mistaken her for me because we both submitted stories set in Haiti. My novel is more of a mashup between Trinidadian and Haitian cultures, but Ibi’s debut, AMERICAN […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 14: Christine Kendall

From Philadelphia, The Brown Bookshelf presents Christine Kendall, author of the debut middle grade novel Riding Chance. Christine grew up in a family of six children where everyone played an instrument. She studied piano and clarinet. Her readers are ecstatic that she decided to pursue writing as a fulltime occupation. Please join me in welcoming […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 15: Maya Penn

16 year-old Maya Penn is a CEO, activist, author, illustrator, animator, coder, and so much more. She started her first company at eight years old, has TEDtalked to millions of people across the globe (as the youngest female in history to deliver two back-to back official TED Talks–her 2013 TEDWomen Talk is ranked as one […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 16: Alix Delinois

For me, the coolest aspect of being a part of The Brown Bookshelf is learning about, and reaching out to, artists and writers who are not currently on my radar. Recently I had the pleasure of learning about Alix Delinois, a fine artist and art teacher living in Harlem. He has illustrated two children’s books […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 17: Angie Thomas

Sometimes it’s fun to find out things about an author or illustrator that has nothing to do with their craft. For instance, YA author, Angie Thomas, likes playing video games, driving anywhere and nowhere at all, cooking/baking, and Air Jordan collecting. Her favorite foods are baked macaroni and cheese and cheesecake. She was a teenage […]


The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 1 Andrea Loney

We at The Brown Bookshelf have been in countdown mode for a while now, excitedly waiting for this day–the commencement of our tenth 28 Days Later campaign! For those who may be joining our celebration for the first time, the goal of 28 Days Later is to promote increased awareness of black authors and illustrators creating books […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 2 Ron Husband

First I would like to say thank you to the Brown Bookshelf staff for recognizing author Deborah Hopkinson and myself for our collaborative efforts on Steamboat School. It is indeed an honor to be selected to participate in the annual February 28 Days Later recognizing those who have contributed to children’s literature. Guest post by Ron […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 3 Nikkolas Smith

Some people score book deals through agents. Some get them by submitting work directly to a publisher. Nikkolas Smith, a concept artist and imagineer, landed his first children’s book contract by posting a painting online. His rendering of Olympian Simone Biles right after she won gold went viral and inspired him to create a painting of the […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign Day 5 Olive Senior

Olive Senior’s work has been broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic, including the BBC Book at Bedtime and the CBC Festival of Fiction. Her work has been included in the Best Poems on the Underground published by London Transport, and she is a featured poet on The Poetry Archive. Senior’s work often addresses questions […]

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