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Black Crime Novels and Mysteries. While reading books about victims, sleuths or criminals can be sensational, it can also activate critical thinking and problem solving muscles in ways other books can’t. The can question our morality and ethics, uncover issues of justice and privilege and even critique those in power. The following add diversity to […]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign: Day 19: Cathy Ann Johnson

Cathy Ann Johnson describes herself as “a visual, digital, designer, front end developer, in position to roll up my sleeves and dive in fearlessly.” Today, we are pleased to present this talented visionary that does it all! The Journey My path to children’s book development came early. I was in high school and working at a restaurant. [ Read the full article… ]

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The Brown Bookshelf 28 Days Later Campaign: Day 16: Alicia D. Williams

Today, we welcome Alicia D. Williams to The Brown Bookshelf. An oral storyteller in the African-American tradition, she is also a kindergarten teacher who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Genesis Begins Again is her debut novel. And check out that cover — it’s stunning! We’re honoured to have you and Genesis here, Alicia! The Journey: [ Read the full article… ]

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