Born on this day. . .

Louis Lomax, African American journalist:


August 15 Birthdays

Famous African Americans born on August 15:

Oscar Peterson, Canadian jazz pianist and composer:



Vernon Jordan, lawyer and civil rights leader:


Maxine Waters, Congresswoman:

August 13 Birthdays

James B. Parsons, African American attorney and judge:

Kathleen Battle, African American opera singer:

Claudia McNeil, African American actress:


August 12 Birthdays

The following African Americans were born on August 12.  Here is some information about them:

Annie Wilson Lillian Evans (later Tibbs):

Emma Ophelia DeVore (later Mitchell):

Camille Billops:

Born on August 9. . .

George William Crocket, an African American attorney, judge, and congressman:

Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr., African American attorney, judge, and congressman:

Born on this day: Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson, famous explorer, was born on this day. Read about his incredible story here:



On August 6

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson: