November 23 African American Historical Events

* Today in Black History – November 23 *

1867 – The Louisiana constitutional convention (forty-nine
white delegates and forty-nine African American
delegates) meets in Mechanics Institute in New
Orleans, Louisiana.

1897 – J.L. Love receives a patent for the pencil sharpener.

1897 – Andrew J. Beard receives a patent for the “jerry
coupler,” still is use today to connect railroad

1905 – Henry Watson Furness, an Indiana physician, is named
minister to Haiti. He will be the last African
American minister to Haiti during this period in

1934 – “Imitation of Life” premieres in New York City. Starring
Claudette Colbert, Louise Beavers, and Fredi Washington,
it is the story of a white woman and an African American
woman who build a pancake business while the latter’s
daughter makes a desperate attempt to pass for white.

1944 – Eugene Washington is born in LaPorte, Texas. He will become a
professional football player, playing wide receiver. He will
play for the Minnesota Vikings (1967–1972) and the Denver
Broncos (1973–1974). He will wear #84 for Minnesota and Denver.
He will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in

1965 – Mike Garrett, a University of Southern California
running back with 4,876 total yards and 3,221 yards
rushing, is announced as the Downtown Athletic Club’s
Heisman Trophy winner of 1965. He is the University of
Southern California’s first Heisman Trophy winner. He
will go on to play eight years in the pros, first with
the Kansas City Chiefs and later with the San Diego
Chargers, and be elected to the National Football Hall
of Fame in 1985.

1980 – One thousand persons from twenty five states gather in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and form the National Black
Independent Party.

1988 – Al Raby, the civil rights leader who convinced Martin
Luther King, Jr. to bring his movement to Chicago,
joins the ancestors succumbing to a heart attack.

1988 – South African President Pieter Botha gives a reprieve
to the Sharpeville Six.

1991 – Evander Holyfield retains the heavyweight boxing title,
by KO over Bert Cooper in the seventh round.

Information retrieved from the Munirah Chronicle and is edited by Rene’ A. Perry.


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