August 19 African American Historical Events

* Today in Black History – August 19 *

1791 – Benjamin Banneker sends a copy of his just-published
almanac to Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, along
with a letter confronting his hypocrisy-if not indeed the
hypocrisy of white America-in enslaving African Americans
while at the same time declaring the “true and invaluable
doctrine” of the “natural rights” of humankind.

1888 – The first beauty contest is held in Spa, Belgium. The
winner is an eighteen year old beauty from the West

1926 – Theodore Flowers, known as the “Georgia Deacon,” wins the
world middleweight boxing title in New York City.

1940 – John Lester “Johnny” Nash, Jr. is born in Houston, Texas.
He will become a singer and will be known for his songs,
“I Can See Clearly Now,” “Stir It Up,” “Hold Me Tight,”
and “A Very Special Love.”

1946 – Charles F. Bolden, Jr., is born in Columbia, South
Carolina. A pilot who flew over 100 sorties in Southeast
Asia, Bolden will be named an astronaut in 1981. He will
become a veteran pilot of several missions, including the
Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1992, when he will participate
as a presenter of a special Academy Award to science-
fiction film producer George Lucas.

1950 – Edith Spurlock Sampson becomes the first African American
appointed to serve on the United States delegation to the
United Nations.

1954 – Dr. Ralph J. Bunche is named undersecretary of the United

1982 – Renaldo Nehemiah of the United States sets record for the
110 meter hurdles in 12.93 seconds.

1989 – Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu is among
hundreds of Black demonstrators who are whipped and
sandblasted from helicopters as they attempt to picnic on
a “whites-only” beach near Capetown, South Africa.

Information retrieved from the Munirah Chronicle and is edited by Rene’ A. Perry.


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